Tips on how to Use the Chest Press Machine: A Detailed Information to Construct Higher Physique Muscle

This may occasionally come as a shock, however you don’t should barbell bench press. Now, earlier than you write offended letters and launch a protest marketing campaign, take heed to the total story. Until you’re a powerlifter coaching particularly for competitors, there are many workouts that construct higher physique muscle and energy as successfully because the bench press.

For a lot of, machines supply the right combination of stability, accessibility, consolation, novelty, and coaching stimulus. Positive, some machines have design flaws and issues, however many are an absolute pleasure to make use of. Higher but, machine-based coaching has been proven to stimulate equal muscular variations to free weight coaching. (1)

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The chest press is a staple machine-based train. However there’s extra to the quintessential chest press machine than the data contained on its instruction placard. Study correct setup and method, frequent pitfalls, distinctive advantages, programming methods, and extra.

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Machine Video Information

See the academic chest press machine video from the article’s writer, Dr. Merrick Lincoln, then try the step-by-step breakdown with extra type suggestions. 

Tips on how to Use the Chest Press Machine

To get probably the most out of the chest press machine, comply with these steps for proper setup and efficient execution.

Step 1 — Set Up Your Machine

Muscular person in gym setting up chest press machine
Credit score: Merrick Lincoln, DPT, CSCS / YouTube

The primary, and arguably most vital, step is to correctly arrange the machine — it should be adjusted to suit the consumer. Though machine designs fluctuate significantly, most have two changes: Seat top and the fore-aft place of the backrest. 

Adjusting the peak of the seat determines the situation of the handles relative to the consumer. Decreasing the seat creates the next beginning place for the handles and elevating the seat leads to a decrease beginning place of the handles. The handles must be on the degree of your decrease chest, at roughly nipple-height to be anatomically particular.

On most machines, front-and-back adjustment of the backrest determines the “depth” of the beginning place. Transfer the seat ahead to create extra stretch on the backside place or transfer the seat backward to restrict the vary of movement within the backside place.

Your private desire, damage historical past, and particular person anatomy work together to tell your individual acceptable vary of movement. Generally, determine a seat place that maximizes a snug vary of movement.

Kind Tip: Take the time to truly study the precise machine’s design, significantly the motion arms — the metallic levers that you just push away out of your physique. Motion arms that pivot from above the seat have a tendency to advertise urgent at a barely upward angle relative to your physique, much like a slight incline press. Due to this fact, to execute “flat bench” method and elicit balanced chest growth, the handles must be barely decrease than regular. On machines with motion arms that pivot from beneath the consumer, the urgent movement might comply with a slight decline. On this model machine, it’s prudent to arrange with handles barely larger than ordinary.

Step 2 — Set a Steady Beginning Place

Muscular person in gym performing machine chest press
Credit score: Merrick Lincoln, DPT, CSCS / YouTube

Get your physique right into a secure and powerful place by establishing factors of contact with a slight arch in your backbone. Factors of contact embody: your head towards the headrest, each shoulder blades towards the backrest, your glutes on the seat, each ft on the ground, and each fingers totally gripped across the handles. 

Arch your center and higher again as you squeeze your shoulder blades collectively with out shrugging upward. Preserve this place all through the train. 

Kind Tip: Though many who can not attain the ground when seated on the chest press machine intuitively cross their ankles for stability, this technique just isn’t optimum. For those who’re unable to succeed in the ground, place your ft on a secure foothold — a step, a brief plyometric field, a weight plate, or the machine’s foot pegs if out there.

Step 3 — Drive the Motion Arms Away

Muscular person in gym doing machine chest press
Credit score: Merrick Lincoln, DPT, CSCS / YouTube

Hold your forearms and wrists aligned with the pure path of the motion arm and push each handles away. Proceed to push till your elbows are straight or almost straight. 

Kind Tip: Press to your eye-line” is a training cue utilized by Tyler Hobson, one of many nice designers and builders of fitness center gear. This cue is sensible, as a result of it exploits the advantages of an exterior focus of consideration. Primarily, your focus shifts to no matter object or environmental landmark is in your line of gaze. This may occasionally lead to extra environment friendly, extra forceful motion, and probably higher strength gains. (2)

Step 4 — Decrease With Management

Muscular person in gym using chest press machine
Credit score: Merrick Lincoln, DPT, CSCS / YouTube

Decrease the motion arms again towards the beginning place. Management is crucial. Decrease till you are feeling a profound stretch throughout your chest muscle groups or till the motion arms gently contact the machine. Don’t bounce off the machine’s stops on the backside.

Kind Tip: As a substitute of “decreasing the load,” take into consideration “rowing” or actively pulling the motion arms again towards your chest. This system reinforces a powerful place of your shoulder blades.

Chest Press Machine Errors to Keep away from

Sidestep these frequent errors to construct extra muscle with the chest press machine.

Wrist Extension

Many lifters hop on the chest press machine and grip the handles within the heart of their palms with out consideration to their particular hand place. This leads to an prolonged wrist place — bending fingers again towards the highest of your forearms.

Person in gym using chest press machine
Credit score: Ajan Alen / Shutterstock

In the end, extreme wrist extension is a comparatively weaker place for urgent and will lead to an excessively “tucked” arm path in the course of the press. 

Keep away from it: Make sure the handles lie throughout the heels of your fingers. When urgent, purpose your knuckles alongside the trail motion. Considered from the facet, your forearm and hand ought to type a straight line all through the press.

Sloppy Transition Between Reps

“Ego lifters” and uninitiated trainees typically exploit Newton’s legislation of action-reaction on the backside of every repetition by bouncing the motion arms off the machine to make the next repetition simpler to carry out.

Person in outdoor gym using chest press machine
Credit score: Odua Photos / Shutterstock

Uncontrolled impression returns vitality into the following repetition, robbing the goal muscle groups of all-important stress. Exerting management all through all the repetition is tougher, but in addition extra rewarding.

Keep away from it: Whereas lifters are usually intentional in regards to the lockout place on the high of the press, most could be higher served shifting their consideration to a clean and gradual transition between repetitions on the backside place. Decelerate as you strategy the underside place. Gently “kiss” the motion arms towards the machine. Pay attention to maintain your self sincere — mild contact with the machine ought to make little or no sound.

Extreme or Inadequate Vary of Movement

Whereas there’s no common “right” vary of movement (ROM) for each lifter on the chest press machine, the ROM you utilize ought to examine a couple of key packing containers: ROM must be well-tolerated by your shoulders; ROM ought to, if doable, produce a profound stretch throughout your chest and entrance of your shoulders; ROM shouldn’t produce compensatory actions or actions not intrinsic to the train. Urgent with method that fails to fulfill these standards is suboptimal, at greatest.

Long-haired person in gym using chest press machine
Credit score: Floor Image / Shutterstock

The second standards (“large stretch”) is simple. Mounting proof suggests the stretched place of the repetition is an important for positive factors. (3) Don’t reduce it quick through the use of inadequate ROM.

Lastly, if the ROM is pushed too far, the lifter will start to show undesirable compensations together with dropping your chest, permitting your shoulder blades to tilt ahead, and/or flaring your elbows. For those who’re unable to maintain your shoulder blades retracted and keep a constant arm path via the underside place, there’s an excellent probability you’re making an attempt to make use of extreme ROM. In all circumstances, errors may be corrected by re-adjusting the machine.

Keep away from it: Lifters with shoulder accidents or instability may not tolerate as a lot shoulder extension on the backside of the repetition, so really feel it out in your “work up” units and regulate the machine accordingly.

Tips on how to Progress the Chest Press Machine

When it’s time to ramp up your workload, conventional development methods corresponding to including weight or growing repetitions and units can work effectively with the chest press machine. As well as, machine designs are conducive to superior coaching methods corresponding to drop units and lengthened partials.

Improve Relative Effort

A simple development technique for resistance coaching entails growing the degree of effort — or proximity to failure — of every set. This technique might contain including weight and/or including repetitions.

For instance, contemplate a lifter who usually performs a set utilizing 220 kilos (100 kilograms) for 10 repetitions. This set brings the lifter considerably near failure — Subjectively, they could report having three extra reps left within the tank, or “repetitions in reserve.”

To extend relative effort, the lifter might merely add weight or carry out a number of extra repetitions. As a result of an excellent chest press machine has “built-in” security options, the lifter might really feel extra comfy pushing their degree effort nearer to and even to failure in comparison with a barbell or dumbbell bench press.

Lengthened Partials

Whereas pristine repetitions via full vary of movement could also be thought of the head of lifting talent, it isn’t the one efficient approach to build muscle and energy. Legendary bodybuilding coach John Meadows generally ended his high-intensity units with partial range of motion reps. And science is starting to acknowledge the potential worth of partials.

A current systematic assessment evaluating full ROM coaching and partial ROM coaching reported trivial variations between energy and hypertrophy. (3) Nevertheless, partial vary of movement coaching was discovered to have slight benefit for hypertrophy when emphasizing the lengthened (stretched) place. (3) Lengthened partials seem to boost stress and promote muscle hypoxia, that are mechanical- and chemical stimuli conducive to development. (4)(5

The chest press machine provides an excellent alternative to progress your coaching by including lengthened partials to the top of your conventional full vary of movement set.

The goal muscle groups are lengthened within the backside place of the chest press, so carry out your partials within the backside one-third to two-thirds of the repetition. Partials are nice to tack onto the top of conventional units. Shoot for 3 to 6 lengthened partial repetitions instantly after your full vary of movement repetitions. Be warned: you’re in for a painful burn. By avoiding lockout, you’ll maintain stress in your chest, bathing the muscle in metabolites and ravenous it of oxygen. (5)

Drop Units

In terms of intense coaching to your chest, few workouts can evaluate to the chest press machine carried out with drop units. Drop units entail taking an train to, or near, failure, lowering the load, then instantly performing an extra set.

One to 3 “drops” are generally carried out, reworking a difficult set right into a coaching bout that flirts with failure a number of instances. Drop set protocols with one and three “drops” have been proven to be as efficient for bettering bench press energy as 4 conventional units. (6) Furthermore, the three-drop drop set protocol was superior to conventional units for bettering repetitions to failure (i.e. muscle endurance). (6)

To carry out a three-drop drop set protocol, ideally use a cable stack (“selectorized”) chest press machine to attenuate the time wanted to alter the load. Carry out the primary set to or near failure utilizing a reasonable weight (one which permits roughly 10 to 12 repetitions).

Cut back the load 20 to 30% and instantly carry out one other set to or near failure. Repeat this technique of reducing the load by 20 to 30% for every drop till you have got carried out a complete of 4 units.

Advantages of the Chest Press Machine

Positive, you may press with a barbell or dumbbells, however a well-designed chest press machine provides a number of benefits — enhanced security, a secure motion path, and a clean resistance curve.

Excessive Depth Chest Coaching

Whether or not you practice with heavy hundreds and grind via only a handful of reps or use mild hundreds for marathon units, security is paramount. In case this declare isn’t self-evident, right here’s the rationale: an injured lifter can not practice, and a lifter who can not practice loses positive factors. 

All types of free-weight urgent, together with the barbell and dumbbell bench press, require a educated spotter for secure execution. Nevertheless, the designs of machines have “self-spotting” mechanisms in-built. That means, in case you fail on a repetition on a chest press machine, you’re unlikely to get choked out underneath a bar or displace your enamel with a dumbbell. Constructed-in security options ought to instill confidence, permitting you to push your units ever nearer to failure and maximize positive factors.

Consistency For Thoughts-Muscle Connection

The levers and pivot factors of typical chest machines constrain motion to a predictable path. Whereas no two lifters press utilizing the very same method because of variations in motion technique, machine setup, and physique dimensions, the constrained motion path promotes consistency for every particular person consumer.

muscular person in gym performing machine chest press
Credit score: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

This consistency might help you develop a way characterised by intentional and intense contraction of the goal muscle groups. This aware connection to the goal muscle is called the mind-muscle connection. Growing a powerful mind-muscle connection has been recommended as a superior technique for lifters who wish to enhance recruitment of a goal muscle. (7

To develop a stronger mind-muscle connection, use lighter “work up units” to consciously discover delicate variations in motion method. For instance, attempt barely tucking or flaring your elbows, attempt holding your sternum a bit larger, or attempt making use of a delicate rotational power to the handles. Machines present extra environment friendly and safer environments for cultivating a powerful mind-muscle connection.

Superior Resistance Curve

Resistance coaching workouts are restricted by the quantity of load our muscle groups can overcome in the course of the sticking level, or probably the most difficult portion of the motion. The sticking level for the barbell bench press happens towards the start of the upward motion section when the bar is simply above the chest. (8) Throughout the the rest of the motion, your muscle groups aren’t maximally challenged.

Whereas the bands or chains could also be used to beat this potential limitation, these modifications require extra gear, could also be cumbersome to arrange, and can doubtless by no means obtain the texture of a well-designed chest press machine. 

A well-designed machine varies the resistance utilized to the lifter all through the vary of movement utilizing levers and/or cams. Whereas meta-analyses have proven no distinction in coaching variations between variable resistance and conventional resistance coaching, these analyses embody band- and chain-based variable resistance. (9)(10)

Research particularly evaluating variable resistance machines to free weight variations of the workouts have reported superior variations for the variable resistance teams together with elevated muscle torque and elevated resistance to fatigue. (11)(12) Whereas different evidence-based lifters look forward to extra analysis, hedge your bets by incorporating machine-based chest urgent.

Muscle tissue Labored by the Chest Press Machine

Try the placards or instruction playing cards on the chest press machines at your native fitness center. On every anatomy diagram, all the higher entrance of the torso might be highlighted as “goal muscle groups.” The chest press machine will undoubtedly mild up your chest, as anticipated, together with components of your shoulders and arms.

Pectoralis Main

Because the title suggests, the chest press machine primarily targets your chest. Your pectoralis main is the biggest and most visually distinguished muscle of the chest by a longshot. Typical chest press machines resist an arm path that toes the road between flexion, or elevating your arms immediately in entrance of your physique, and horizontal adduction, or shifting your arms collectively in entrance of your physique.

Your pectoralis main contributes to each actions. (13)(14) Furthermore, the chest press machine seems to stimulate sturdy muscle exercise in all components of the broad, fanlike pectoralis main muscle. (15)

Triceps Brachii

Just like the bench press, the chest press machine additionally trains your triceps brachii. Triceps muscle excitation has been proven to be decrease in the course of the chest press machine in comparison with the bench press when each workouts had been carried out at 80% of their respective 1-repetition most. (16) However, one other examine confirmed no distinction in triceps brachii muscle excitation when each workouts had been carried out at 60% of 1-repetition most. (17)

Altogether, there may be ongoing debate about whether or not the extra secure situations of the chest press machine are kind of conducive to triceps excitation. (16)(17) The reply could also be depending on particular person variations of particular machine designs (e.g., which machine permits the lifter to deal with extra weight?). Both method, relaxation assured, your triceps are educated in the course of the chest press.

Anterior Deltoid

The anterior deltoid, generally known as the “entrance delts,” contribute to shoulder flexion and horizontal abduction, the actions mixed in the course of the typical chest press machine. (13)

Utilizing a chest press machine with a impartial grip (palms going through one another) fairly than an overhand (“pronated”) grip has been proven to advertise extra anterior deltoid activation, though the distinction fails to succeed in statistical significance, and the sensible relevance of those findings are questionable. (15)(18)

Tips on how to Program the Chest Press Machine

The chest press machine may be programmed into many various kinds of training splits — as a foremost train on “chest day,” on “push day” in a push/pull/legs cut up, as one in every of a number of compound lifts throughout a devoted higher physique exercise, or as part of a full-body routine.

As a Heavy Major Train

When structuring exercises to construct muscle or enhance energy, it’s common to frontload the heaviest multi-joint actions towards the start of the exercise. This technique is smart, as excessive threshold motor models — the teams of muscle fibers with probably the most energy and biggest coaching potential — haven’t been fatigued by accumulating quantity.

Whereas a “energy purist” would possibly program the barbell bench press as their major horizontal pushing motion, the chest press machine can work simply as effectively. To make use of the chest press machine as your major heavy pushing train, work as much as a difficult weight for two to 4 units of 5 to 10 repetitions. Take beneficiant three-to-four-minute relaxation intervals between units. This protocol will construct energy and measurement.

As a Average-to-Mild Secondary Train

Not prepared to totally embrace the machines? Hold a free weight train as your major urgent motion and use the chest press machine as if it had been an adjunct train, or “pump work.” Use moderate-to-light weight and carry out for prime repetitions. The chest press machine can take the place of a triceps- or chest isolation train, corresponding to pushdowns or pec flyes.

We all know a variety of hundreds are efficient for constructing measurement and energy. (19)(20)(21) — So, don’t stress about percentages or 1-repetition most testing. Utilizing a weight that you just discover “mild to reasonably heavy,” carry out two or three units. Carry out sufficient repetitions to strategy failure. Take two to 3 minute relaxation between units.

As A part of a Superset or Alternating Set Routine

In case your exercise cut up lets you pair workouts that hit opposing muscle teams in the identical exercise, it can save you a ton of time. Supersetting is when no relaxation is taken between the paired workouts. If a standard relaxation interval is taken between the opposing workouts, the programming technique known as “alternating units.”

For a killer chest and back workout, attempt pairing the chest press with a again train like a barbell bent-over row or a neutral-grip lat pulldown. To resolve whether or not you’ll use supersets or alternating units, select whether or not you might be optimizing for effectivity or fatigue administration.

Supersets save extra time, however may lead to extra fatigue. Though supersets usually keep away from fatigue within the working muscle groups (“peripheral fatigue”), they could not present sufficient relaxation to keep away from accumulating systemic or central fatigue, which may intrude you’re your subsequent set.

However, alternating units present extra general relaxation. They could additionally nonetheless save time relative to conventional straight units, as a result of most lifters is not going to require as a lot relaxation to recuperate between opposing workouts.

Chest Press Machine Variations

For those who’re lucky to coach at a well-equipped fitness center, the usual chest press machine isn’t your solely possibility. You might wish to discover the fitness center to see when you have entry to those variations.

Converging Chest Press Machine

The arms converge, or come collectively, all through the upward motion section when utilizing a converging chest press machine. You’ll know a chest press is converging by inspecting the pivot factors of the machine’s motion arms. On converging machines, the motion arms are angled inwards whereas, on conventional or non-converging chest press machines, the motion arms are directed straight forward.

The converging chest press facilitates extra vary of movement towards peak contraction, or shortest muscle size of your pectoralis main. Whereas some discover the converging chest press machine feels extra “pure,” machine designs fluctuate. Fundamental method pointers apply to the converging machine. Set an acceptable seat top and seatback place, keep retracted shoulder blades, and press alongside the trail of the motion arms.

Incline Chest Press Machine

Simply because the incline bench press might present higher higher chest coaching compared to the flat bench press, the incline chest press machine might bias your higher chest greater than the normal chest press machine. (22)(23)(24)

The first distinction between the incline chest press machine and conventional chest press machine is the motion arm path. On the incline machine, the motion arms journey at an upward angle relative to your torso, whereas the normal chest press machine’s motion arms journey roughly horizontal relative to your torso.

Though train method and setup is comparable between the 2 workouts, the preliminary place of the handles must be larger for the incline chest press machine than the normal chest press. Modify the seat top so the handles are halfway between your mid-chest and collarbones. Push alongside the pure path of the motion arms together with your wrists straight. Decrease with management and transition into the following repetition with out bouncing out of the underside place.

Smith Machine Chest Press

In search of a hybrid train between chest press machine and barbell bench press? Take into account the Smith machine chest press. Like the usual chest press machine, the Smith machine chest press constrains the motion path and sure has some built-in security options, corresponding to adjustable vary of movement limiters.

The barbell bench press and Smith machine chest press are each carried out from a mendacity place, each use a pronated (overhand) grip on a straight bar, and neither incorporate the variable resistance patterns of lever- or cam-based chest press machines.

Counterbalanced Smith machines negate the load of the bar, which means the unloaded bar feels nearly weightless. Clearly, you’ll want so as to add barely extra weight to counterbalanced Smith machines than non-counterbalanced.

Smith machines use a hook-like mechanism to soundly un-rack and re-rack the barbell on its tracks. Turn into acquainted with the wrist-motion required to function this mechanism and, in anticipation of this motion, pre-position your wrists barely within the different path earlier than your set.

Lastly, place your self appropriately on the bench. In distinction to bench press, which is about up with the bar above your neck, you will have to begin with the bar above your mid-chest on the Smith machine because it tracks vertically all through the train.


Can I simply do lengthened partials on the bench press as a substitute of the chest press machine?

Possibly, however the fixed exterior resistance of the barbell is not going to be very forgiving in case you try and carry out repeated partial repetitions via the sticking level. You’ll doubtless want to cut back the load to efficiently carry out lengthened partials with the normal bench press. 
Utilizing a machine with a well-designed resistance curve avoids this challenge, because the machine applies much less exterior resistance via the standard sticking level of the press. This permits for using lengthened partials on the finish of a excessive effort set (as demonstrated within the Tips on how to Progress part). The machine additionally has built-in security options to guard you within the occasion you are taking your lengthened partials previous the purpose of failure.

Which is healthier: plate-loaded or cable-stack loaded chest press machines?

Espresso or pour-over? Single barrel whiskey or aged tequila? Trip to the seashore or to the mountains? These are questions that finally come down to private desire. Whereas every possibility has its strengths and downsides, it’s best to attempt each choices and use the one which feels greatest. 
Stack-loaded machines are fast and simple to make use of and so they’re nice for superior coaching methods, corresponding to drop units. They are often exquisitely engineered with clean and wise resistance curves. Nevertheless, robust lifters could also be restricted by the utmost resistance provided by the load stack.
Plate-loaded machines might require hauling plates throughout the fitness center and may not enable the exact manipulation of the resistance curve provided by cable machines with variable resistance cams. Nevertheless, plate-loaded machines with high-quality bearings nearly all the time have a greater really feel than cable- or belt-driven stack-loaded machines as a result of they’ve much less friction or resistance to motion.
Friction resistance is not an excellent factor in machines. It makes the concentric section more durable and makes the eccentric section simpler, a sample misaligned together with your muscle groups’ capacities. 

What’s the cope with the ‘iso-lateral’ chest press machines?

Iso-lateral chest machines enable separate operation of the motion arms, permitting you to coach your left and proper sides independently nearly like a “machine-version of dumbbells.”
When equally loaded, the iso-lateral design theoretically prevents a lifter’s “robust facet” from taking the lion’s share of the press. Iso-lateral machines additionally enable the lifter to load a special quantity of weight on the left and proper facet. This characteristic could also be helpful in particular circumstances associated to damage and rehabilitation. 
A current, significantly bothersome, development is using alternating repetitions on iso-lateral chest machines. The lifter locks out one arm whereas performing a repetition with the opposite arm and see-saws backwards and forwards all through the set.
Whereas this alternating technique could also be helpful if a lengthened isometric had been held within the backside place whereas the opposite arm performs a repetition, it’s a waste of time to relaxation one arm within the locked out place. Generally, iso-lateral machines are greatest used utilizing the identical method as a machine chest press with a non-independent motion arm.

Chest Terminator — Rise of the Machine Press

A well-designed chest press machine might really feel prefer it has been despatched from the longer term to enhance your positive factors and shield you from hurt. For those who settle for the assistance of the machine and apply the programming suggestions above, it’ll quickly be Judgement Day to your lagging chest. 


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